Posted on Jan 26, 2009

Devoxx 2008: JavaFX 1.0 SDK Talk has posted the first of our JavaFX talks from Devoxx 2008. You can watch it here or as a bigger version on This talk is the 1 hour version covering the JavaFX Language, Scene Graph and Animation presented by Richard Bair and Martin Brehovsky, I bailed on helping present this one as I had been up most of the night working on “Devoxx Themed Swish Demo”. Its well worth watching and should take you from knowing nothing about JavaFX to being able to build a cool little application. Even if you are already using JavaFX you may learn some handy new snippets. This is the one hour version of the talk that I gave the slides and demo for in Introduction to JavaFX Talks – Devoxx 2008 – IJTC 2009.

I know its Flash sorry, they are working on a JavaFX version so hope to be able to have that here soon :-)


  • Benz says:

    Quote[“I know its Flash sorry, they are working on a JavaFX version so hope to be able to have that here soon”]

    Why not just create a new fileformat. Take swf invent a new extension – something creative like jwf or something. Load the original swf into a javaFX app and say it`s now a JavaFX app. Will save a lot of pain. Just like you guys did with flv and fxm 😉

  • Annoyed says:

    W-T-F-F is the point of having that video-thing on auto-play? I have this set of tabs that I open now and then (they are 32 in number this time I opened), and your blog is amongst them. Then all of a sudden a lot of noise come yelling out of my speakers – and I have to look through which STUPID F*CKER have set up some media to autoplay? My god, is it possible that some tech-savvy dude actually does this, like really?!

  • Jasper Potts says:

    Annoyed: It doesn’t autoplay for me has a big pulsing Play button in the middle. I did not create the parlays player just embedded it here, sounds like they may have a bug.

  • Benz says:

    @Annoyed: I guess I`m the STUPID F*CKER 😉
    Jasper is right normally this thing should not auto play. That`s why there is the big play button. Might be a bug.
    That said this thing was really cranked out as an experiment and is in beta. I know the word beta is misused these days but here it really means BETA. Still i haven`t heard of anyone with those problems. For all people that want to be a bit more constructive you can help us by adding bugs here:

  • […] three are brilliant JavaFX engineers whose main focus is graphics, effects and animation.  The talk that they gave provides a jump start on JavaFX and then concentrates on their areas of expertise, building a cool […]

  • Annoyed says:

    There are now three videos, and all three autoplay, all starting with some loud beatboxing. It is actually NEARLY a bit cool, since they obviously start slightly out of synch with eachoter. There are a big **Play** button going directly across the video, but it still autoplays: The controls-icon shows a play-icon, and I have to click this twice to actually pause it (first to get into actual play mode, then to pause it). (and where is some stop button, to go back to the start of the video?!)

    I use Google Chrome, if that helps you out.

    I guess this blog is totally going out of my little collection – seeing that it is JavaFX related, instead of useful shit like swing, it won’t be a big loss! :-)

    Happy annoyance!