I’m a creative engineer, working at the intersection of design, business, and engineering. Relishing creating amazing things that wow people and shift industries.

Intuitive and instinctive problem-solving skills. Amazing eye for detail and passion to always build great things that people will love to use, in turn inspiring and leading large international engineering teams to deliver complex cutting edge software. Highly respected by peers and management to solve complex technical problems while focusing on the business and customer experience.

Ingenuity and talent to invent, create and build demos for conferences. Providing the chance to exercise broad expertise from initial concept design through 3D modeling, software design, electronics, hardware design, woodworking, machine learning, motion graphics design, and video production. A highly anticipated presenter within JavaOne keynotes wowing live crowds and showcasing these innovative and fun demos to tens of thousands. Awarded Rock Star presenter for JavaOne technical sessions. These inspired a pair of NASA engineers to start a company that is changing how scientists visualize our universe and navigate spaceships. Also, exciting VW Audi research group to go on and standardize on JavaFX technology for all of their automotive prototypes.

Jasper has been fortunate to work with some amazing people.

It’s hard to put Jasper into a category. Artist? Engineer? Mad Scientist? He cranks out elegant solid code at a fantastic rate. Everything from low level graphics rendering details to high level API design. His graphical design of everything from tests to demos to real apps show an artistry that is unusual for an engineer. A real pleasure to work with.
James Gosling

Distinguished Engineer, Amazon Web Services

Jasper is a rare combination: He is a leader who inspires those around him, an exceptional architect/engineer and problem solver,as well as a full stack developer who produces high quality code quickly. Jasper is known for his excellent user-interface designs. The applications he produces are pleasing, elegant and functional. His experience, knowledge and in depth understanding of software development gives him the ability to manage the most complex projects and ensure they succeed. Finally, Jasper is a lot of fun to work with. I have no hesitation recommending him.
Steve Northover

Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM

Jasper and I have worked together for over ten years on a wide range of projects. He’s incredibly talented at so many things it is hard to describe them all. He has boundless energy and purpose. He’s an incredible UI designer, but even more important, he has that ability to quickly dig into a problem and really understand the root forces at play, and design solutions at the architecture level and at the UI level. He brings a big smile, hearty laugh, and design flare that is so fun to be around. He makes everybody better and raises everybody’s vision to what is possible!
Richard Bair

Director of Development and Cloud Architect, Oracle