I have updated the SPAR project that I released with the code from my JavaOne talk on “Why Spaghetti is not Tasty – Architecting Large Scale Applications”. I have fixed issues stopping it working on Java 6 and improved the ant build process to make it simpler to build and run the Demo Application. There are now two ways to build and run the Spar Demo. If you have IntelliJ then you can just open the provided IntelliJ project and hit run, otherwise you can use Ant. Here are the instructions to get the demo and build and run it with Ant:

  • Prerequisites: Java 5 or 6, recent Apache Ant and a Subversion Client
  • Get the code from Subversion repository using your client, if you are using the command line then type this: svn checkout https://spar.dev.java.net/svn/spar/trunk/code spar --username {username} where {username} is your dev.java.net login.
  • cd into spar/spardemo
  • To build type: ant -f build-scripts/build.xml
  • To run type: ant -f build-scripts/build.xml run

The spar demo app at the moment is a very simple app that just brings up a UI with one of each of the main UI component types: SidePanels, Documents, Menus,Toolbars and Statusbars. As soon as I get time I will put some more work into making it a fully fledged simple application using the event bus and all the core functionality of the SPAR platform. It uses the JIDE docking framework at the moment though a abstraction layer, I have made a start on making a InfoNode plugin that will provide a alternative implementation.

I hope you have a more success now getting the demo application to run, any problems send me an email, Jasper