Its already that time of year again to start writing up all your great ideas for Java One Desktop talks for next year. Its only two and a half weeks till they close for submissions so hurry up. Click here for details for paper submission.

I am planning on submitting a talk on Nimbus and the new Nimbus Designer tool. Covering:

  • Using Nimbus L&F in your applications
  • Designing for cross-platform, how to design your application to look good on all platforms
  • Customizing Nimbus
  • Creating new look and feels using the designer tool based on Nimbus
  • Creating your own components with Nimbus L&F themeing support
  • Designing the look for your own components using the deisgner tool

Might have too much to cover in a hour, don’t want to scare you all off. Any thoughts on what topics you think are the most important/intresting in case I need to cut bits out or anything I didn’t mention here?

JavaOne 2008