Wow its been crazy, we have finally finished Nimbus for 6u10 and release candidate is out thereร‚ย Java 6u10 RC Download, have done Java One and I am now knee deep in Java FX. I have about 10 half completed blogs and just never seem to find the time to finish them. As well as being mega busy with Nimbus and Java FX I have just moved back from California to the UK. Moving is always way too time consuming and expensive.
If you missed our talk and BOF at Java One this year here are the presentations:
Java One 2008 Nimbus Talk PDF
Java One 2008 Nimbus BOF Presentation PDF
A lot of you have been asking about the Nimbus Designer Tool that I demoed at Java One. I have been working at getting it opensourced but it is a slow bureaucratic process so I am sorry. In the mean time I thought I would try and do a couple blogs on how you can skin Nimbus your self with out the tool. It is very easy to do providing you are not worried about getting your hands dirty writing some Java 2D drawing code. You could always use images or a SVG library if you don’t fancy raw Java 2D. I would like to split the designer tool into 2 parts the first part the lets you create a Painter classes with Java 2D drawing code by drawing graphics. The second part would let you assign painters to components and generate the code to populate the UIManager defaults table. But both those parts are not hard to do your self if we help you get started so I will see what I can do.
So just a quick hello to say I am still alive, next to try and post a couple blogs on how to skin Nimbus.
SwingSet 3 with Nimbus