has posted the first of our JavaFX talks from Devoxx 2008. You can watch it here or as a bigger version on This talk is the 1 hour version covering the JavaFX Language, Scene Graph and Animation presented by Richard Bair and Martin Brehovsky, I bailed on helping present this one as I had been up most of the night working on “Devoxx Themed Swish Demo”. Its well worth watching and should take you from knowing nothing about JavaFX to being able to build a cool little application. Even if you are already using JavaFX you may learn some handy new snippets. This is the one hour version of the talk that I gave the slides and demo for in Introduction to JavaFX Talks – Devoxx 2008 – IJTC 2009.

I know its Flash sorry, they are working on a JavaFX version so hope to be able to have that here soon 🙂