I am just reviewing the submissions for JavaOne 2009 and was looking back at what we did for JavaOne 2008 and noticed Sun has posted the slides with audio from our session on Nimbus last year. So if you are interested in Nimbus and were not fortunate enough to be able to come and see us in person or have listened to it already. Then it is well worth checking out as I think we made a good attempt to explain how Nimbus works and how to use it. 

Nimbus: The New Face of Swing TS-6096

Presenter: Richard Bair, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Jasper Potts, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Nimbus is the stunning next-generation cross-platform look-and-feel for the Java platform, perfect for skinning Swing components in existing applications and new FX applications. In this session, two Nimbus developers guide you through using Nimbus to create beautiful modern applications. They cover the basics of using Nimbus in your Swing applications and also discuss using the new Nimbus Designer visual design tool for extending Nimbus and styling custom components. Finally, they show how to brand your applications with completely custom look-and-feels extending Nimbus.