It seemed like it was time to close the polls, I don’t think there is a clear answer across all platforms. On windows there is a clear winner for the native look and that makes sense as Windows LAF has had a huge amount of work put into it over that last 5 years plus. If there was the resources to put a equal effort into the GTK LAF and a new KDE LAF then they would be clear winners to. Nimbus is a great cross platform look and feel and allows people to create good looking applications but maybe is not the simplest look and feel for people to start with as it takes a little effort to make a great looking application with it. Also it is not the best for compatibility with applications written to work with other look and feels so is a dangerous choice as a default. So I kind of feel that we could go native on Windows and people will be happy but there is no clear answer for GTK and KDE. I will pass the poll results on to the other people who have a say in the decision and see what the consensus is.