Intelligent Blockchain Track & Trace

The big project I have been working on since 2019 is the Oracle Intelligent Track & Trace application. It is the beginning of a new suite of blockchain backed supply chain SaaS applications. It is focused on supply chain visibility across a trading partner network. I worked on taking it from initial business concept and a blank sheet of paper through to production application with multiple big customers.

The application collects business transactions and documents from the complete supply chainĀ from all trading partners involved. For example, purchase orders, shipment notices etc. From these documents it extracts the key information and cross references and links which is all stored in the blockchain. From this data we can build a trusted complete end to end understanding of the supply chain and the products moving through it. Any product can be traced from customer all the way back through distribution, manufacturing to material suppliers. Then we can trace forward from any batch of supplied ingredient to all the products made and the customers who bought them.

I started with a draft design, then built a prototype in about a month which we used to vet the concept with design partner customers and with the internal approval chain. After a great reception and much excitement from the prototype I went on to design the final UX for the product and work on initial software architecture for the product.

One of the design challenges was how to bring excitement and interest to what could be perceived as boring business flows. Also, just how to express visually a whole new segment of an application that did not exist before.

It has grown into a pretty large project with over 100 screens.

There are exciting new versions of the product I have designed in the pipeline for the near future. As it evolves and expands based on interesting new use cases customers came up with.

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